Our Commitment to the Environment

Reliance Products believes that consideration of the environment is a fundamental requirement for a healthy, sustainable business.

This belief is reflected in how:

  1.  We operate our facilities to minimize the environmental impacts in their immediate vicinities,
  2.  The products we develop offer alternatives that can reduce the impact of disposal in the environment,
  3.  We move our products to market to minimize waste and pollution.


Responsible Operation Of Production Facilities

Every moulding machine at Reliance operates on a ‘closed loop’ principle. Any waste that is generated as a result of the manufacturing process is immediately ground up and fed directly back into the same process. When a product is made that fails to meet our exacting standards, it is also ground up and fed back into the production of the same item.

In some cases, resin becomes mixed with other colours, inks, etc., and cannot be put directly back into high performance applications. For this situation, Reliance has developed specific products – and sales channels for them, which do not require high performance criteria. Resin that cannot be returned directly to production is channelled into the manufacturing of these items.

The target is that ALL of the resin that Reliance purchases be made into saleable goods, and that none be shipped as waste to landfill sites.


Environmentally Responsible Products

Reliance offers a line of collapsible composite packaging ranging in size from 4 L to 23 L (1 to 6 Gal) that can reduce the amount of plastic packaging destined for landfill by 80% versus traditional packaging.

For the Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Reliance has one of the broadest lines of packaging available that meets strict United Nations standards. The use of high performance containers of this type helps to protect both the environment and users from leaks and spills.

Every effort has been made to make as many of our packages out of single material types to make recycling as easy and efficient as possible.

As so many of our products are made for use in the outdoors, we want to do our part to ensure that our available outdoor resources are maintained and remain available for everyone to enjoy. Reliance Camping products are all designed and made with the intention of allowing people to enjoy the great outdoors while leaving as small a ‘footprint’ behind as possible.


Minimize Our Own Footprint

To get our products to market, we as a company, also use packaging and of course, transportation.

Great efforts are taken to ensure that the minimum amount of packaging necessary is used to protect the products on their way to the end user. We use only pallets that are part of re-useable pallet systems, or our own ‘return-for-deposit’ pallets.

Wherever available, goods are shipped by intermodal rail. Our efforts take several hundred trucks per year off of the highways. The next preference is to ship full truckloads, thus maximizing the quantity of goods delivered in each trip. Smaller, less efficient shipments are made only when absolutely necessary.

These are only a few of the ways in which Reliance Products tries daily to live up to its obligations to the environment.