Our History

Reliance Building - Reliance Products - Commercial Packaging - Alberta - ManitobaReliance Products Ltd. has been working in plastic conversion for over 50 years.

We started out in 1958 packaging battery acid and manufacturing collapsible containers as well as supplying rigid containers to other packagers of battery acid.  Over the next could decades the demand for battery acid started to decline and a decision was made for Reliance to begin manufacturing blow molded containers and injection molded pails for the Agricultural Chemical, Specialty Chemical, and Food Service industries.  Reliance also began manufacturing consumer products geared to camping and the outdoors.

Manufacturing was consolidated in 1993 to the current Sherwin Road location in Winnipeg. Reliance received its first ISO quality certification in 1991 and is currently ISO-9001: 2000 registered. It was also around this time that we completely exited the battery acid game to focus on plastic packaging and additional consumer products. Today, we continue to manufacture blow moulded and injection moulded products suited for both our industrial and consumer customers.

The Industrial Products line provides product packaging such as Rigid Bottles, Tight Heads, Flexible Containers and Open Head Pails to meet a diverse range of customer needs. We are the only Canadian company that uses the Airopak® in-line fluorination process to treat bottles for greatly improved barrier properties for many chemicals. We also have the technology to produce Selar® RB barrier bottles.

On the consumer side, we manufacture a number of products for camping and outdoor living under the Reliance name. Many of these products have equally important applications in Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief. Our three key product groups are hydration, sanitation and organization.

If you should have any questions about any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.