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Reliance Products Ltd. is Canada’s only provider of in-line fluorination and labeling service for bottles, pails and tightheads. Our individual neck inserts give us the ability to change the neck finish of a bottle when required.

Fluorination is the process that creates a barrier between the liquid and bottle to keep the liquid from permeating the bottle. The impermeable membrane within bottle prevents the loss of valuable chemical used in the ago chem industry, or the exposure of a hazardous material to the environment.

Our bottles are available in standard F style or with a top handle. We also carry dual chamber, no-glug, and clean flow bottles for use with lubricants, oils, and hydraulic fluids. The unique pinched off neck of these bottles prevents exposure and loss of the potentially harmful substance.

Reliance Products Ltd. bottles come in a range of colours, and labels can be added as needed in line.